Guangdong for Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong for computer technology Limited (referred to as ylmf) was founded in 2005 May, registered capital of 10000000 yuan, is located in the beautiful scenery of the Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, is a typical technology intensive Internet companies, domestic leading application software products and Internet service providers. Companies adhering to the "rise and development for professional," because the focus concept, information dissemination and the value committed to Internet service creation, the best promotion marketing solution development, customized meet customer requirement of the Internet, e-commerce and enterprise informatization project. After several years of rapid development, ylmf have find a suitable business model, the rapid development of the business expansion, walking in the forefront of the domestic IT industry.
Ylmf ylmf under the existing operating system (Ylmf OS), 115 cloud computing project (, 114 site navigation (, ylmf operating system portal has a large and loyal user brand website. Among them, Ylmf OS is an open source operating system for independent research and development, is the most consistent with the operation system of Chinese user habits, was released quickly won many customers at home and abroad of all ages, the official download volume of close to 2000000; is the development of large-scale WEB projects to mass storage as a guide, the current site visits in the domestic industry first, Alexa ranked 500 in the world, will be built into a cloud storage open platform to personal web application as the center; 114 site navigation is the domestic top three site navigation, the average daily unique visitors up to several million, under the website alliance membership site, thousands of companies; ylmf OS and the forum is based on the computer application of the technology of communication oriented professional forum, registered users reached millions. Looking to the future, ylmf will be based on "operating system + cloud storage + site navigation" cloud computing diversified development mode system innovates again tall!
As a typical technology intensive Internet enterprise, core software development technology ylmf master a number of independent intellectual property rights, a number of projects development capacity has reached the leading domestic level, the company's open source operating system, polymerization search, network hard disk, download the client browser, such as seven projects have access to computer software copyright.
With the long-term success of the operation of large web experience, ylmf accumulated a good industry contacts and rich Internet media resources, by the end of 2009 was unanimously elected president of Dongguan Network Culture Association unit, also with Baidu, Google, Jinshan, the nets, Tencent network, global network and a number of Internet industry leader formed a close cooperation the relationship between the.