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         Overseas Students Pioneer Park in Dongguan City,, Ph.D. Pioneer Park (hereinafter referred to as "Pioneer Park") is the city government of Dongguan City, and through human resource strategy for the implementation of science and education, to attract overseas and domestic high-level talent to Dongguan an important platform for business.
    Dongguan Songshan Lake Pioneer Park is located in the Productivity and Technology Industrial Park base, its purpose is: to provide quality business services, to create a function optimization, factor accumulation, for technical innovation, appropriate technology business incubator development of small and medium business environment; The implementation of preferential policies is to provide high quality services, joint venture and provide a good policy environment and social service environment; full use of integrated support good urban Songshanhu conditions for enterprises stationed in a good working environment and living environment.
    In the municipal government's strong support, through active Talent Fair, Pioneer Park has been successfully introduced more than 130 companies, the park project has two projects with international invention patents, 28 projects received national patents, 198 One is applying for patents; 1 won the National SME Technology Innovation Fund, 12 projects received funding in Dongguan SME innovation project, 49 projects through the Science and Technology Bureau, Dongguan City, high-tech projects identified.
    Pioneer Park's work has been recognized by the departments concerned, by the end of 2005 was the Central Committee awarded the "China Youth Overseas Students Pioneer Base ", in December 2007 by the National Science and Technology as "National High-tech Innovation Service Center. " Currently, the business park is actively applying the national business park.


Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cultivation of high and new technology enterprises and entrepreneurs

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