Organizational structure

    Dongguan Songshan Lake hi tech innovation service center is Dongguan City Hall implementation of prospering the city by science and education and the talents strategy for powerful city, an important platform to attract overseas students and the high level talent to Dongguan entrepreneurs.
    Service center set up two departments: project introduction department, enterprise services:
Project introduction part:
    Bidding for wisdom, project negotiations, evaluation and approval of work
    Holding the business promotion, publicity and business policy
    Make the enterprise information collection, the establishment of enterprise archives and the handover
    Corporate services dept.:
Coordination and supervision of property management and renovation of the hatching site maintenance, provide logistical     supporting services
    To carry out special training course of academic exchange activities, the organization to participate in a variety of thematic exhibitions, enterprises in the park project exchange
    Provide the personnel policy, social insurance, their children to school and other advisory services
Counselling, assist the enterprises in the park to declare the project start-up funds and all kinds of science and technology, talent project funds
    Counselling, assist the enterprises in the park for high-tech enterprises, products such as all kinds of project declaration
Responsible for the daily affairs of postdoctoral workstation

Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cultivation of high and new technology enterprises and entrepreneurs

Service Center