Incubation facilities

    Basic services
    The park service
    Provide co industrial and commercial registration, tax registration, bank accounts, assets evaluation, organization code approval, financial management, tax consulting and many other services for the business incubator.
Logistics services
    Set up staff canteen, staff dining for enterprises to solve the problem; according to some enterprises employees living in urban traffic inconvenient, open limousine; enterprise organization personnel to carry out the activities of cultural recreation, rich employee amateur lives.
    The project declaration
    Assist to declare Dongguan city science and technology projects and various types of funding in the incubation, recommended to declare the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, the State Torch     Plan and research etc..
    Business services
    Intermediary services
    Pioneer Park introduced a law firm, accounting firm, personnel intermediary services, investment companies, Consultation Service Co and a number of business management of service enterprises, providing legal, accounting, personnel recruitment, financing, patent agents, tax agents, such as visa agent for admission enterprises in terms of service.
    Entrepreneurship training
    Through every 2 Monday of the Songshan Lake Doctoral Forum as the platform, for the enterprises in technology research and development, product innovation management, venture investment, market development, international business and other     aspects of troubleshooting, provide reference.
    Human resource service
    Assist in recruitment activities of enterprise organization personnel, technical personnel to mobilize, provide file management, technical qualification assessment service for enterprises.
    Financing service
    For entrepreneurs to communicate various financing channels, targeted to the commercial bank, risk investment institutions, credit guarantee institutions, investment companies, large enterprises and personal recommendation incubator project, promote     mutual cooperation.
    Expert guidance
    With the help of Dr. Dongguan entrepreneurship promotion will, Dongguan City office and introducing Park and surrounding     colleges and other units of high level human resources, set up an expert support system, to help enterprises solve encountered in the development process of management, market development, financing, legal, financial, information and all kinds of technical problems, the invitation experts do not regularly to business park to visit the guide, to provide suggestions.
Foreign exchange and cooperation
    Research institutions to promote the business incubator and the Songshan Lake Zone and domestic universities, research cooperation, build a research laboratory, the implementation of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; tissue incubation enterprises to participate in domestic and international various technology or product exhibitions and shows, assisted hatching enterprises in carrying out international cooperation.
The introduction of overseas high-level talents
    Relying on the Songshan Lake policy and environmental advantages, and actively implement the OEI strategy to attract overseas students, including doctorate, university professors, senior title personnel, all kinds of high level innovative talents to Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and technology entrepreneurship, enhance the innovation strength.
    Strengthening science and technology radiation driven capacity
As an important component of the regional innovation system of science and technology innovation service center, through the continuous accumulation of various kinds of resources of science and technology, for Dongguan's manufacturing enterprises to provide technical support for innovation, achievement of science and technology, personnel training and other services, science and technology play a role in radiation.
    Training the incubator of economic
    Take the incubator platform to integrate all kinds of resources, taking innovation as the main driving force, in order to do poineering work as the main form of expression, in order to promote the new form of economy of small and medium-sized enterprises of low cost and low risk for the growth of the target. At present, pioneering service center has completed the center for biomedical engineering, Microelectronic Materials R & D center and other public platform, greatly enhance the entrepreneurial Park incubator ability, to promote better and faster development of innovation service center.
    To promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements
    In the process of introducing the venture of the project, the advantage of network resources, personnel and foreign promotion channel advantages, and actively introduce large science and technology industrialization projects, assist Park of science and technology investment.
    Technology platform
    Songshan Lake Center for Biomedical Engineering
    Songshan Lake biological medicine base in the trial to equipped with shared technology services and professional equipment, reduce the admission of biomedical research and development costs, meet the entrepreneurial enterprises demand for general technical platform and professional and technical services, provides a strong support for the development of the enterprise itself and the same industry cooperation. Since its establishment, the base has been built, the synthetic chamber, synthesis test room, preparation room, pharmacology laboratory, analysis room, biochemical laboratory, has the advanced detection equipment analysis. The base of the opening to the outside world, to both inside and outside the park in the pharmaceutical research and development, production enterprises and individuals to provide drug synthesis, preparation research, instruments and chemical analysis, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics research services.
Songshan Lake enzyme engineering application technology R & D Center
Songshan Lake enzyme engineering application technology R & D Center for molecular biology and gene engineering technology research and development as the core and foundation, build the enzyme engineering application technology research and development platform, the science and technology innovation service park and the surrounding area, improve the scientific research and development system of the biotechnology industry, promoting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, to reduce the enterprise cost of research and development.
    Songshan Lake Microelectronic Materials R & D Center
    Songshan Lake Microelectronic Materials R & D center in Microelectronic Materials R & D as the core and foundation, aggregation and integration of all resources, science and technology innovation service park and the surrounding area, improve the scientific research and development system of Microelectronic Materials Industry, promoting the industrialization of achievements in scientific research, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, the formation of micro electronics technology industry in the park.
    Nano Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Univer in Dongguan
    Dongguan Shanghai Univer Nano Technology Research Institute of Shanghai Univer and Shanghai and the whole country in the agglomeration of nano technology, personnel and equipment resources basis, in order to improve the enterprise

Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the cultivation of high and new technology enterprises and entrepreneurs

Service Center